Your favorite hunting rifle deserves great care. It deserves to be rubbed down frequently to prevent corrosion and sticky parts. It deserves to be fed the finest loads. It deserves getting chances to do its job. And it deserves protection while traveling in style. Treat that perfect rifle to a Negrini Luxury Airline Approved Gun Case. They are chosen by top shooters and gun makers.

When I first laid my trusty Browning A-Bolt chambered for .280 Remington in a Negrini case, I thought I heard the rifle purr. The inner upholstery is made of special cotton and acrylic fabric, laminated with polyester foam top and bottom.

Negrini Rifle Case - 1619LX/5287 Single Scoped Rifle Hard Case Winchester Rifle interior
Negrini’s Compact Bolt Action Rifle Case – 1619 Series

This is the strongest, lightest weight gun case in the shooting industry, as much as 65 percent lighter than most aluminum gun cases. The rifle rests in a plush, padded interior. Recessed combination locks are hidden from most abuse. Upgraded exterior finishes include Italian leather.

Check out their extensive lines of quality gun and bow cases at

Known for excellent ammunition since they expanded from handloading components in the not too distant past, this year Hornady has a new line of rifle ammunition called Precision Hunter. It is available in five cartridges: .270 Winchester, 7mm-08 Remington, .280 Remington, .300 Winchester Short Magnum and .300 Weatherby Magnum.

All feature the new Hornady ELD-X bullets, which are billed as match accurate hunting bullets. These bullets maintain best in class Ballistic coefficient throughout the trajectory and mushrooming if effective from moderate range to long range. Get more details at

If you have been looking for a rifle that will tackle any North American big game animal, check out the new .33 Nosler, the most powerful cartridge in their lineup. Currently loads are available with 225-grain Accubond bullets, and 265-grain Accubond LR bullets.

The 225-grain bullets have a muzzle velocity of 3,025 fps and muzzle energy of 4,589 ft/lb.

The 265-grain bullet leaves the muzzle at 2,775 fps with 4,545 ft/lb muzzle energy.

The .33 Nosler is available in their Nosler Model 48 series of rifles. Get details at their website,

Do you have questions about what loads to use, ballistics, where to shoot or where to buy Federal Premium Ammunition?

Answers are promptly available when you download the free Federal Premium App through either the App Store or Google Play. Check the website at

New from Savage Arms this year are Stevens Model S1200 pump shotguns in two different camouflage patterns: MO Bottomlands and MO Shadow Grass Blades Camo. Weight with a 26-inch barrel and camouflaged synthetic stock is about 6.90 pounds. Check these and other new Savage products at

New this year from Bushnell is housing that is more durable and more comfortable in their Trophy XLT binoculars. For hunters who are on the move, even as slowly as still hunting, I suggest the 10x28mm. For those who hunt mostly while sitting I like the 10x42mm, or for stand hunting where deer must be evaluated from long distances maybe the 12x50mm.

Also look at the Bushnell Trophy Cam HD series of trail cameras. With 14 megapixel resolution, the picture quality is outstanding.

Look over other new products from Bushnell at

Winchester Repeating Arms has added the Extreme Deer Hunter to the Super X line of pump shotguns. It features a pistol grip synthetic stock with textured gripping surfaces. You will like that when your hands are covered with mud and blood, or when fingers start getting numb.

This new deer hunting shotgun featured two interchangeable comb pieces, two interchangeable butt spacers, a 22-inch rifled barrel, a 3-inch chamber and a Truglo Fiber-Optic front sight and an adjustable rear sight. Check out this new slug gun at

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