GLOCK Protection Redefined by Negrini Case

Negrini’s Glock-specific case.

By Max Prasac

Negrini integrated Locks
The case is equipped with two combination locks to secure your firearm.

You rely on your Glock to protect and defend you and your family. You clean it, you practice with it, you carry it, but do you protect it? This is an important tool that in no uncertain terms needs to be reliable, and to do so it needs to be kept safe in transit. Your Glock delivers reliable performance over a broad spectrum of circumstances. Return the favor – it deserves what you can provide in protection.

There are many low-cost, one-size-fits-all cases available for firearms. However, you get what you pay for. That budget case will more likely than not have any provisions to snugly house your pistol, allowing it to move around in the case in transit. If there are more items in that case than just the pistol, those loose items will come in contact and likely get scratched or damaged in the process. If you have any concerns about the disposition of the firearm you are transporting, why not purchase a case that will provide you with peace of mind?

Negrini Glock case is attractive transport for travell
Negrini’s new Glock-specific case is an attractive way to transport your Glock in style and with uncompromising protection. The interior of this case features dedicated space for your magazines and can be adjusted for the various models of Glock.

Given the popularity of Gaston Glock’s wonder pistols, it was simply a case (no pun intended) of pure logic that Negrini Cases produce a Glock-specific case that is every bit as reliable as the gun it was designed to hold and transport. Made from Negrini’s patented double wall ABS plastic, the case is tough, but not at the expense of aesthetics or function, and as a bonus it is TSA approved. The padded and velvet covered interior is set up for a full-sized Glock (but will accept all iterations of the Glock pistol) and two magazines, but there is room for other accoutrements as well. In typical Negrini fashion, the package is well thought out and executed.

The outside is sleek and pleasing to the eye, and features two steel combination locks. I prefer combination locks to locks requiring keys as losing your key will leave you in a lurch. The case is small enough to stow under a car seat or in small piece of luggage and is attractive and unassuming.

If you are heading to an afternoon range session or traveling out of town on business or pleasure, you will rest easy knowing that your family’s insurance policy is well cared for and tucked away safely in its Negrini case. Negrini may be a well-kept secret, but we can trust you with it. Negrini – why compromise when compromise isn’t necessary?

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