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Gun Cleaning Kits

INTELCASE supplies are some of the most complete shotgun, rifle, handgun and pistol cleaning kits for every sportsman. We stock fine gun cleaning kits with the best quality teak rods and recessed brass fittings. Our shotgun cleaning kits are equipped the best quality brass brushes, wool mops and felt patches. Compact pistol cleaning kits for field cleaning and easy storage. All 100% Made in Italy!

Additionally, INTELCASE is a stocking distributor of TCS gun cleaning supplies and products. Proudly made in the USA, TCS gun cleaning solvents are odor-free and non-toxic that cleans on contact. Gunpowder, carbon and burned on fouling literally wipe off with little to no effort. Finish the cleaning process with TCS Bore Paste that cleans and polishes and removes brass from your rifled barrels. Burned on plastic and leftover fouling is easily removed from shotgun chokes and barrels with TCS Bore Paste.

INTELCASE Company supplies the best quality gun cleaning kits and supplies in the industry. Negrini handgun, pistol, rifle and shotgun cleaning kits are 100% Made in Italy. Our gun cleaning tools are assembled with the best materials to clean your firearm.