Truths and Myths regarding Locked Negrini Cases

Truths and Myths Regarding TSA-Accepted Locks

We are often asked if our cases comply with TSA regulations while traveling and so we thought it important to touch more time on this subject.  When traveling with our cases, it is important to check these bags through TSA Security while at all domestic airports for hand-checking.  While the TSA does not officially approve or recommend any particular lock or brand of locks for securing your firearm luggage, our locks are compliant with their requirements

Negrini 1644R/513 Bolt Action Rifle Case - lock
All Negrini case locks are TSA Compliant and recessed.

You may notice that while the TSA does not recommend any particular lock, some travelers consider the use of “TSA-Recognized locks” by either Travel Sentry® or Safe Skies® as a preferred method for securing their luggage. These locks specifically allow TSA agents easy access by utilizing master keys.  While these are convenient and fairly common options for many travelers, the fact is that these master keys can be purchased via eBay or Amazon and can be made by commonly available 3D printing programs. Because of this issue, we have opted not to offer TSA-recognized locks on our cases at this time.  We place a high value on the security of your valuable firearms and high-end fly rod equipment, and as such, we have opted to continue selling our cases with our current tumbler-style TSA-compliant locks. 

When Traveling with our locked cases, instead of dropping these off at the Check-in counter, take these to the TSA Security desk and have them hand-checked. Once a TSA official has hand checked your bag and asked you to secure the locks, they will run it through their Xray machine and give you a thumbs up, allowing you to proceed on your journey with the satisfaction of knowing that no one else will have access to your equipment until you get to your destination.

We feel these locks offer our customers added protection with simplicity and security without the fear of losing keys.  All our cases come with either an all-steel German-made tumbler-style lock or a tumbler-style polymer latch lock that allows you to choose your own combination.  We will also repair or replace any locks damaged by the TSA during your travels.  See Lifetime warranty for more information.

Checked Firearm Luggage through the TSA

General Locks

You may leave your checked baggage unlocked or choose to lock it. If you lock your bag and it alarms, TSA Officers may have to forcibly open it to complete the screening process. TSA is not liable for missing locks or any damage to locked bags that must be opened for security purposes. 

Ways to protect your case from lock damage is to supply all contact information to reach you while traveling. We recommend one of our heavy-duty fitted travel covers. Our canvas covers feature storage pockets for luggage tag information or business card slots for your contact info. Best yet the cover adds exterior protection from scuffs and scratches, carry handles, and a detachable shoulder strap for hands-free use while traveling.

You may also consider using a TSA-recognized lock. While we do not endorse any specific brand, using a TSA-recognized lock (e.g. Travel Sentry® and Safe Skies®) allows the TSA to unlock and screen your baggage, reducing the likelihood of damaging your lock and your luggage if a physical inspection is required. We cannot guarantee that TSA-recognized locks will not be damaged or lost. 

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