Best Quality Handgun Cases from Negrini of Italy

Crash Test Bumper Technology in a Handgun Case!

Negrini's patented double wall ABS technology delivers a lightweight but ultrastrong alternative to injection and metal cases. Four case shells make up the construction of a Negrini Gun Case. This makes the case rigid and secure with the flexibility to absorb shock from the roughest airline baggage handlers. We feel our cases are so good that we put a limited lifetime warranty behind it. There is nothing else like it!
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Secure and Lockable Handgun Cases

Our lockable handgun cases are secure for on the go and home security. Our cases are TSA Compliant and feature a three-digit integrated combination lock. Store you case in your checked luggage. Locked and secure to reach your destination.

Hard Handgun Cases

Find the perfect hard leather handgun and pistol cases with Negrini. We provide premium luxury cases designed in Italy to fit specific pistols and revolvers, including Model 1911, GLOCK, Smith & Wesson M&P, and many more. With a limited lifetime warranty on all cases, you’re guaranteed to receive a case that lives up to the standard we set for materials and construction.

Strong and Secure Handgun Cases

Negrini’s hard handgun cases are the best alternative to injection and metal cases on the market. Our unique design mimics the technology used in crash test bumpers, using four case shells to create a rigid hard exterior capable of withstanding great amounts of pressure while still being flexible enough to dampen the shock of impact due to rough handling or collisions.
This method also allows us to keep our cases compact and ultra-lightweight, making them easy to transport and store. All of our travel handgun cases are TSA compliant, and feature customizable three-digit locks with backup locks. Your firearm is secure in a Negrini case, whether you’re in a car, on a plane, at the range, or in your home.

Quality Italian Firearm Cases

Our stylish handgun and revolver gun cases are made in Italy and hand-finished with quality leather and fabrics. We provide the lightest luxury handgun cases available, and we’re happy to customize one to fit your needs if you have specific requests. Place an order online or give us a call and protect your handgun in style today!

Negrini Handgun Case Reviews

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Stunning and Remarkable Craftsmanship

This case is an absolute stunner, remarkable craftsmanship and quality. I am Proud to store my Les Baer 1911 pistol in this case.
Mr. Schwartz
Negrini Quality Model 1911 .45 Cases

By Jay Langston My first exposure to quality gun cases was shortly after the turn of the 21st Century. I [...]

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Negrini Dedicated 1911 Handgun Case Reviewed by FRN

For those unfamiliar with Negrini you should definitely familiarize yourself with them. To me, they bridge the gap between wanting [...]

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GLOCK Protection Redefined by Negrini Case

Negrini’s Glock-specific case. By Max Prasac You rely on your Glock to protect and defend you and your family. You clean it, you practice [...]

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Handgun Hunting: How to Prep for African Dangerous Game

by Max Prasac – Friday, March 22, 2019 Read the full Article here from the NRA American Hunter Another important decision [...]

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Negrini Model 1911 Custom Shop Cases

Luxury Meets Function

Negrini cases are finished with the best quality fabrics and leathers. No one can beat the Old World hand finishings of Negrini Italian leather cases. If you don't see something you like, feel free to call us to place a custom order on your favorite look.

Question or Custom Orders?

Call 833.NEGRINI (833.634.7464) or email [email protected]

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Foam for 2027LX-TAC/4843
Foam for 2027PL-TAC/4845
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Handgun Cases Replacement Foam

Negrini 3039R-TAC/5130-FOAM Replacement Foam

Foam for MOD.8R-TAC/4823

Handgun Cases Replacement Foam

Negrini MOD.8R-TAC/4823 Replacement Foam