Takedown Shotgun Cases

Experience the incredible quality and attention to detail that sets Negrini apart from the competition. Our hard shotgun cases feature compact space-saving designs with an innovative construction that make them both lighter and stronger than other leading luxury cases. Get your shotgun to your destination safely with our patented ABS shock absorbent and crush-resistant construction.

TSA-Approved Travel Cases

We’re serious about firearm security. Negrini hard shotgun cases feature built-in TSA-compliant lock systems recessed into the design so you don’t have to mess around with clunky and unsightly padlocks. With a customizable three-digit combination lock and backup locks to guard against mechanism faults or damage, you’ll rest easy knowing that no one but you has access to your weapon, whether you’re at home, in the air, on the ground, or at the range.

Luxury Cases for Shotguns from Italy

We have various types of breakdown shotgun cases for sale, including cases for trap shotguns, skeet shotguns, hunting shotguns, and sporting clay shotguns. No matter what kind of locking shotgun case you’re looking for, Negrini delivers Italian quality and luxury that is sure to impress. Each case is finished with premium fabric and leather; choose from a variety of timeless designs, or order a customized design that fits your particular taste. Our limited lifetime warranty ensures that you’ll continue to enjoy the superior fashion and function of the Negrini brand for years and years to come, so order today and protect your shotgun in style.

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