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Best Quality Hard Rifle Cases for Travel

Shop Negrini hard rifle cases for the traveling sportsman. Negrini produces the best quality hard rifle case in the industry. With our patented double-wall ABS composite technology, there is nothing else like it! Our lockable rifle cases are secure for on-the-go and home security. Negrini cases are customized with a pick-and-pluck die-cut foam or fitted with a fully padded and upholstered thermoformed interior. All travel cases are lightweight and ultra-strong for air travel, TSA Compliant with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Travel Rifle Cases

Enjoy the premium quality and craftsmanship of Negrini’s travel rifle cases. Made in Italy with top-quality hard leather and interior finishing, our cases are a symbol of luxury and style. We sell lockable rifle cases for home and travel security in a variety of configurations and finishes to fit your needs and preferences. We offer customization as well, and all of our gun cases come with a limited lifetime guarantee that backs the quality of materials and construction of your case.

Ultra-Strong and Lightweight Protection

Negrini sets the bar in the industry for strong and lightweight hard rifle cases. Whether you’re driving to the range, headed out to a trail, or flying across the world, our rifle cases provide unparalleled protection against both normal and abnormal wear. On the inside, we keep your firearm safe from shock and scratches with die-cut foam or padding and upholstery. Our patented ABS double-wall technology prevents damage due to impact, and the exterior construction guards against excessive weight in all reasonable scenarios.

Best Rifle Cases for Travel

TSA-approved rifle cases are cleared for air travel when they meet the minimum requirements, but does your case go the extra mile? Negrini’s secure triple-lock system gives you the reliable security that you need to enjoy a flight or store your firearm at home with peace of mind. All of our travel rifle cases are TSA-compliant, and are designed for easy handling and storage to maximize convenience and minimize accidental damage.

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