A Step in Your Spring Swing

by Bill Elliott

NSCA – Level 3 Instructor – billelliottcoaching.com

As the clay target season is upon us and the upland bird season shuts down, take time to reflect on your strengths and opportunities. For many, it was a great season and for others, we remember that one-quartering pheasant that got away.

While sporting clays ranges are NOT always abundant, we know there are skeet, trap, and 5-Stand ranges sometimes just right around the corner. Go to your local range and work on your spring swing!

Work on shooting in the present. Be conscious when you are practicing from the ground up. On your call for the target are you anxious or trusting in your tools? One of the best places to work on this is a retreating target aka the trap field. Also, remember if it is not good on the ground (which is your footing) then it can not be good in the air. Notice the feeling in your hands as you merge into each target. The intent in your stare at the breakpoint as you follow through with your eyes in the breakpoint.

In training, make every target count. It is just too costly not to! Make every shot have intent and deliberateness.