America's favorite case for the Model 1911

Model 1911 Handgun Cases

If you take the security of your firearm seriously, invest in a case from Negrini and you’ll never have to worry. Every 1911 hard gun carrying case for sale on our website is completely TSA compliant. We build strong combination locks right into each case and back them up with failsafe locks to make sure not even malfunctions and tampering will compromise the security of your gun. Our 1911 hard gun carrying cases are designed to be convenient and safe for travel, and also make a great option for keeping your gun secure at home.

Elegant Italian Handgun Cases

We have the perfect case to fit your tastes – and if we don’t, we’ll customize one for you. Negrini’s handgun cases are handmade by Italian craftsmen, using premium fabrics and fine hard leather for the interior and exterior finishing. Our cases are lighter than other luxury brands, and feature elegant streamlined designs that set the bar for both appearance and function.

Strong and Lightweight 1911 Handgun Cases

Each 1911 handgun case by Negrini is built with special construction methods to keep it compact and lightweight while keeping your firearm as safe as possible. The durable rigid exterior protects the contents from being damaged by being crushed, and our patented double-wall ABS technology dampens the transfer of force from impact. Finish it off with scratch-resistant material inside, and you’ve got a case that will protect your handgun in every situation. Each case comes with a limited lifetime warranty that back the quality of materials and construction. Order online or give us a call to invest in a 1911 handgun case from Negrini today!

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