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Double Rifle Cases

Looking for a stylish way to securely store and transport your rifles? Whether you’re flying across the world or taking a long drive, Negrini’s double rifle travel cases for sale get the job done. Masterfully crafted with fine hard leather and quality fabrics in Italy, our cases set the bar for luxury. Choose from our selection online, or contact us directly to customize a case with the setup and style that best fits your needs.

You invested a lot of money in your rifles, so protecting them from damage is top priority. It’s not enough to just handle them carefully – you need a case that will ensure they get from place to place without so much as a scratch. Each two gun rifle case from Negrini is constructed with hard leather to withstand great amounts of pressure, and takes advantage of our unique double-wall ABS technology to absorb and nullify the shock of impact. Our cases are ultra-strong, but also ultra-lightweight, and the easier a gun case is to handle, the less likely it is to sustain damage.

Negrini’s TSA approved double rifle case is safe and convenient for air travel, vehicle transport, and home use. Instead of relying on bulky and vulnerable padlocks, we build our cases with three-digit combination locks with backup locks. With our secure triple-lock system, you can transport your firearms with confidence knowing that only you can access them. Find the perfect case for your rifles today, and invest in an elegant case that will last you a lifetime.