Duck Ruckus Series Lineup

Duck Ruckus Cases for Waterfowl Hunters

We understand the passion and attitude of duck hunters! With over 40 years of case-making experience, we also understand the need to be lightweight, ultrastrong, and compact. INTELCASE and Negrini of Italy are bringing the RUCKUS with our new line of Duck Ruckus™ drake, waterfowl, and duck hunting cases.

A New Way of Thinking the Traditional Way

We are not everyone's cup of tea, especially for waterfowl hunters. Many have not broken down their shotguns since they first purchased their wing slayer. If you have never traveled or plan on traveling with your semi-auto or pump shotgun, then listen up! Duck Ruckus cases focus on being as compact as possible. For airline and truck travel, this waterfowl shotgun case isn't long, cumbersome, and clunky. Flying with Duck Ruckus cases is simple and convenient and a breeze. You will focus more on your next duck hunting adventure vs worrying if you have to pay those oversized luggage fees. Pack more buddies in that SUV vs leaving one behind. Get in on the ruckus with Duck Ruckus cases!

Duck Ruckus Series Lineup

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Shop Negrini’s high quality drake, duck and waterfowl hunting shotgun hard cases. Compact Duck Ruckus™ line is simple and safe for airline & truck travel.