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Italian Leather Gun Cases

Leather Handgun & Pistol Cases

Looking for ultra-strong and ultra-lightweight leather handgun and pistol cases for sale? Negrini has you covered, with premium luxury cases that fit every major handgun model. We build our cases with superior construction methods to make them resistant to crushing weight and accidental impacts, and line the interior with soft material to guard your firearm against scratches. Our unique, patented double-wall ABS technology will keep your handgun safer from collisions and falls than any other luxury brand without compromising on size, weight, or appearance.

Best Leather Handgun and Pistol Cases for Travel

Negrini’s stylish leather handgun and pistol cases are made by hand in Italy. Each case is finished with quality leather and fabrics, designed with elegance and luxury in mind. Our cases are compact and lightweight, making them a pleasure to travel with, especially if you like to pack light. Find a case that fits your style on our website, or contact us to customize a case with the configuration you need and the finishing you want. All of our cases are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

TSA Compliant Handgun Cases

If you plan on bringing your handgun with you on a flight, you’ll need to keep your firearm secure. Leather handgun cases from Negrini exceed TSA compliance, featuring a secure triple-lock system complete with failsafe locks. Our cases are extremely durable and tamper-resistant, and are less likely to be damaged by baggage handlers and conveyor belts thanks to the smooth contour of their form. Place an order with Negrini today and keep your handgun safe!


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