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Two Shotgun Cases

Protect your shotguns with a stylish and secure takedown double shotgun cases from Negrini. Whether your shotgun is over-under, side-by-side, pump, or semi-auto, we have a case that is right for you. Each case is finished with hard leather and fine fabrics for the interior, keeping your shotguns safe from scratches and damage. Your double shotgun case comes with a limited lifetime warranty to ensure that you get to experience the superior quality that we are known for. Find a case that fits your needs and choose from a variety of color, material, and trim options, or give us a call for a custom order.

Our two gun shotgun cases are TSA compliant. Each comes with a three-digit combination lock built into the case with backup locks in case of failure or damage. Padlocks and other bulky securing mechanisms are likely to get caught on conveyor belts and doorways, look less elegant, and make organizing your luggage harder. Our locks are recessed into the takedown shotgun cases to keep the form streamlined.

Buy a takedown double shotgun case from Negrini and you’ll never have to worry about your firearms being damaged during travel. Our hard leather cases are made with skill and precision in Italy, using patented double-wall ABS technology for extreme strength while keeping the dual gun case itself light. Inspired by the construction of crash-test bumpers, the walls of your double shotgun case are strong enough to withstand crushing weight but flexible enough to disperse the shock of impact before it damages your shotguns.