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Negrini’s takedown double rifle case is compact for one 20″ barrel and one scope. Perfect solution for any lightweight air travel and is great for car, club, and home.

Negrini rifle cases remain the tried-and-true standard for superior design, rugged construction, and endless possibilities. We’ve designed our Mod 5 58 Series to meet the most demanding gun enthusiast’s demands from top to bottom. Drawing from 38 years plus experience, expertise, and a drive for innovation, we’ve produced a line of travel rifle cases perfect for all compact takedown rifles with one barrel and one scope. Our cases are ultra-light yet resist damage like no other thanks to our patented ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) case technology that provides you the strength and functionality of four cases in one. Our ultra-strong double wall ABS construction works unlike any other with an impact-resistant thermoformed ABS outer case welded to a reinforced thermoformed inner case. Kiss the hassles of traveling with your favorite firearm goodbye. Our TSA Compliant rifle cases have well-upholstered interiors with individual storage for your stock, receiver, forend, and barrels and scopes. State-of-the-art steel combination locks and hinges also deliver maximum protection for your investment. We’ve recessed the locks to avoid accidental gun case damage on conveyor belts. Since we only use the highest quality materials inside and out, you’ll never have to take chances our case might outgas or corrode your firearms. If you’ve been looking for the best way to pack, carry, and store your rifle at home, at a range, or on the road, Italy-manufactured Negrini rifle cases are the all-purpose solution at just the right size. You can take your favorite firearm wherever you go. Trust Negrini to get you there.