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16406 Trap Compact Universal Shotgun Hard Case for Travel

Negrini’s universal and compact trap travel shotgun cases are the perfect versatile answer to your storage, protection, and security needs. With careful interior construction and a removable accessory box, our universal case can fit just about any shotgun, including over-under, side-by-side, autoload, and pump shotguns. Each one of our cases is made by hand in Italy using premium hard leather and quality fabrics. Browse our style options online to find the perfect case, or give us a call for a custom order.

We protect your firearm and accessories with advanced design. Our signature double-wall ABS technology uses multiple case layers to create a buffer that absorbs shock while allowing the exterior to remain rigid. This gives our cases superior resistance to both weight and impact and makes them both extremely strong and lightweight. The integrity of construction and quality of materials is important for protection, so we provide a limited lifetime warranty on all of our cases.

You take the security of your firearm seriously, and so do we. Our TSA-approved shotgun cases are secured with built-in combination locks, complete with backup locks in case of failure. Unlike unsightly padlocks that can get caught on conveyor belts and can be easily removed with force, our combination locks are recessed into the shape of our airplane shotgun cases to look elegant and prevent damage. You’ll be required to block out your barrel with foam; otherwise, just secure your firearm in one of our stylish cases, and you’re good to go!


  • Best quality breakdown hard case for shotguns
  • Over Under Trap Compact Version available
  • UNICASE Version – Universal Over Under, Side by Side, Autoloader or Pump shotgun case
  • Up to high-rib shotguns
  • Barrel up to 34″ + extended chokes (Barrel channel 36.50″)
  • Foam is required to block out barrels for air travel
  • Storage compartment for accessories

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