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Italy-made Negrini luxury cases like our 3039 Series handgun cases combine mechanical ingenuity, exceptional manufacturing, and an eye for flawless detail only our over 38 years in business can bring. Are you the proud owner of a high-grade handgun from the top manufacturers: Arsenal Firearms, Beretta, Benelli, Bettinsoli, Blaser, Browning, Caesar Guerini, FABARM, Perazzi, Sig Sauer, Silver Seitz, Syren, Tanfoglio, Turnbull MFG, Zoli Z-GUN, Holland & Holland, Krieghoff, Kolar Arms, Walther Arms, and more? There’s no better investment than a Negrini case, especially if you plan to travel. Our luxury hard handgun cases are a masterpiece of quality and design. You can trust us to have your prized handgun protected with our patented ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) case technology. Not only will our double-wall bumper system cushion and shield your prized possession, but our cases are also 65% lighter than competing premium gun cases in the market. Travel by air, worry-free and hassle-free. We built our Negrini handgun cases to meet all your needs, whether it’s built-in steel combination locks for the utmost security or a two-sided foam divider to keep your handguns and accessories in roomy, snug, and safe compartments. We also understand our customers need the ideal balance of function and aesthetics in their luxury cases. Negrini handgun cases are as beautiful as they are practical. Choose Negrini to experience fine Italian craftsmanship at its best with classic finishes such as quality hard leather from trim to handle and plush upholstered interiors with customization options to make your case your own. Discover our tradition of elegance today.