With our Pluck-n-Pull foam rifle cases, Negrini proves its commitment to making our customers’ lives easier. Gun owners everywhere rave about how ideal our cases are for any takedown rifles that make storing and protecting their prized firearms a snap. With high-density, die-cut pick n pluck foam, you can now configure your pick-n-pluck rifle cases to suit your needs precisely. Now you can maximize your storage needs for all your rifle gear and accessories. Our high-quality egg crate foam compresses to keep the interior fully cushioned and insulated from everyday wear and tear but remains elegantly easy to modify to your rifle’s shape. Need to replace or upgrade your case interiors? You have total control with replacement die-cut foam available. Rest assured, our Negrini pick n pluck foam rifle cases offer plenty of room for your scopes, optics, extra magazines, and accessories. We’ve engineered them to be tough on the outside too, with an ultra-strong double wall ABS construction for double the peace of mind wherever life takes you. And since they’re TSA Compliant, you’ll want to take them everywhere. It’s why we’ve equipped our pick-n-pluck rifle cases with reliable, state-of-the-art steel combination locks, so you and your equipment receive the most durable and effective protection available. For over 38 years, Italy-made Negrini luxury gun cases with foam inserts have been sought after by gun enthusiasts worldwide for our unparalleled expertise, experience, and innovative spirit. We’re sure you’ll rave about us too. You be the judge.

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