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Shop Negrini’s 1605 Series hunting shotgun hard cases, over under or side by side. Barrels up to 28″ +extended chokes. Ultralight ultrastrong hunting shotgun hard cases are perfect for air travel, car, club, and home

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1605 Hunting Shotgun Case

Negrini offers a range of hard hunting shotgun cases to fit any barrel configuration you need. Designed with care and expertise in Italy, our cases provide a luxurious and safe way to store and transport your firearms. Our limited lifetime warranty guarantees that you’ll receive only the best quality in both workmanship and materials.
Hard hunting shotgun cases keep your firearms safe from crushing weight and collisions. The soft fabric padding inside our cases protects against scratches and provides cushioning to help protect against shock from being dropped, thrown, or jostled during transport. Negrini’s patented double-wall ABS technology provides even more shock absorption without adding much weight.
Unlike traditional gun cases which are long and difficult to fit into vehicles for transportation, our hunting shotgun cases feature compact space-saving forms without compromising on protection and security. Recessed locks and handles keep the contour tight, and no space is wasted. Negrini cases are the strongest, lightest, and most compact luxury cases available.
We design our hard hunting shotgun cases to be ideal for air travel. TSA compliant locks secure your firearm with a customizable three-digit combo. Two backup locks reinforce the first one, so even in the event of a malfunction, your case will not be compromised. Combined with an ultra-lightweight construction, high-quality fabric, and leather finishing, and stylish Italian design, flying with Negrini is a pleasure.
Negrini Gun Cases - 1605PL - Leather shotgun case interior dimensions

Case Features

  • Best quality breakdown hard case for hunting shotguns
  • Over Under or Side by Side Shotguns
  • Flat rib barrel only
  • Barrel up to 28" + extended chokes (Barrel channel 30.5")
  • Foam is required to block out barrels for air travel
  • Storage compartment for accessories