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Best Quality Leather Shotgun Cases

You take the security of your shotgun seriously – and so do we. All of Negrini’s leather shotgun cases for sale are TSA approved and perfect for both air and ground travel. With a secure triple-lock system utilizing built-in combination locks, you can transport and store your shotgun with peace of mind. We have various configurations available, from compact hunting shotgun cases to roomy two-gun cases with additional space for accessories. Whatever type of shotgun you have, we have a case to keep it safe and secure.

If you’re looking for an elegant leather shotgun case crafted with premium quality materials, you’re in the right place. Negrini cases are handmade in Italy with hard leather exteriors and finely finished interiors. We protect your firearms in style with cases that are significantly lighter than other leading luxury brands. Customization is available, and we back the quality of all of our cases with a limited lifetime warranty.

When you store your firearm in a hard leather shotgun case from Negrini, you keep it safe from damage, both accidental and intentional. We developed a special construction method that allows our cases to absorb the shock of impact from collisions and being dropped or thrown, while still maintaining a rigid exterior to prevent damage from being crushed by excessive weight. The soft padding and fabric used to finish the interior prevents your shotgun from getting scratched even when handled carelessly, making it perfect for stress-free air travel.