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Luxury Handgun Cases and Pistol Cases

Experience the fine Italian craftsmanship that puts Negrini’s luxury handgun cases at the top. Our cases are lighter and stronger than other premium competitors. We finish each case with quality hard leather and fabric and have customization options available, so you can enjoy advanced firearm protection with a luxurious look and feel that suits your personal style.

Secure Triple-Lock System

Negrini protects your firearms with unique construction. Patented double-wall ABS design provides unmatched shock absorption while making maximum use of space to keep the form slim. The exterior is rigid and durable to guard against impact and pressure, and the soft interior material keeps your handgun safe from scratches.

Our high-quality luxury handgun cases and pistol cases are built with care and precision. We want to make sure you receive a product that meets our standards for materials and workmanship. All of our gun cases come with a limited lifetime guarantee.

TSA Approved

Luxury handgun cases from Negrini are the best handgun cases for air travel. The handle and locks on each case are recessed to keep the contour tight, making them less likely to sustain damage from conveyor belts and rough handling. Customizable three-digit TSA approved locks with backup locks ensure that no one has unpermitted access to your handgun, keeping it safe and secure before, during, and after your flight. Since our cases are particularly lightweight, they are easy to transport. Top it off with a stylish Italian aesthetic and you have perfection.

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