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MOD.9TS Foam
18 oz CANVAS

Negrini travel rifle cases like our Mod 9 Series are easy to pack, easy to carry, and perfect for your next adventure. While flying with a firearm isn’t simple, Negrini is the ideal solution for gun owners on the go who seek protection and peace of mind while traveling. It begins with our patented ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) case technology that gives you everything you need to weather any challenge. Our leading-edge technology gives you four cases in one: two outer ABS shell cases and two inner shell cases. The result is best of breed rifle cases with added strength and durability but is up to 65% lighter than other aluminum gun cases in the market. It means our cases protect your prized weapons from the abuses of travel but are just the perfect size and weight for any trip. Do you own a takedown rifle with two barrels and two scopes? Premium Negrini hard rifle cases provide plenty of space and padding to protect your gun, gear, and accessories with dedicated compartments for all essentials. For maximum protection, they come with industrial-strength steel combination locks and hinges built-in. Protecting your investment by covering you from every angle is our #1 priority. For over 38 years, gun connoisseurs worldwide have praised Italy-made Negrini rifle cases as the definition of luxury-made cases with all the amenities of life at its best. Want to make your new favorite case a genuine reflection of your discerning taste? Negrini cases are fun to customize inside and out with your choice of sumptuous interior fabrics and 100% leather exterior trims. It’s luxury without limits when nothing less will suffice. You’re worth it.