Why Negrini Gun Cases?

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As one of the Worlds largest producer of gun cases, Negrini srl has over 37 years of shotgun case, rifle case, and pistol case production experience.

Located in a small town of Questello, in Northern Italy, Negrini produces over 1 million OEM gun cases for Beretta, Benelli, Blaser, Browning, Perazzi, Caesar Guerini, Antonio Zoli, Sig Sauer, Sauer & Sons, Walther and many more!

With Negrini Case, You will Always be on TARGET!

What Makes Negrini Gun Cases Different?

What makes Negrini gun cases different from the competition is their patented ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) case technology. Above all, the most important mechanical properties of ABS is its impact resistance and toughness.

Additionally, all Negrini gun cases are four cases in one. Consisting of two outer ABS shell cases and two inner shell cases. Sonically welded together permanently in a specific array to maximize shock absorption! The results are an ultra-light, ultra-strong, impact resistant luxury case!

Negrini 1677LX UNICASE interior shotguns
Negrini Shotgun Cases - 1677LR-TRANS/5045 Transformer lock

Integrated Combination Locks for Security

Don’t worry about supplying your own locks. Each Negrini travel case is fitted with steel combination locks. Recessed to minimize snagging on baggage conveyor belts. With a minimum of three combination locks (with the exception of the 1605 Series cases and handgun cases) for maximum security. If one lock fails, there are two locks to back it up!

Metal Hinges are Better!

Negrini gun cases utilize steel hinges that are riveted into the cases construction. This provides a secure and clean opening mechanism that many of our competitors lack.

Negrini Dedicated GLOCK Case - 2028SR/5511 bottom side

Travel Compact with Negrini Gun Cases

We like to travel as compact as possible too! Breakdown firearm cases is the best solution for the traveling Sportsman. Negrini case interiors are designed with dedicated compartments for the barrel assembly, and stock & receiver. Our gun cases are upholstered with the finest quality velvet fabric, foam cushioning and premium Italian leather available.

All 100% Made in Italy!

Bird Hunting

Gun Cases for Airline Travel

Negrini tests all gun cases with the IATA standards for International air travel. The same requirements are accepted here in the USA! All Negrini ABS cases are airline approved for travel. Designed with traveling sportsman in mind, Negrini gun cases are made with the highest quality materials. Each gun case is beautifully designed for function and protection of your firearm.

We are proud of the finished product and we know our customers are too! When you invest in a Negrini gun case, you are investing in the future, because a Negrini case… is a case of a lifetime!

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