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Best Quality Leather Rifle Cases for Travel

Old World Hand Finished in Italy!

Masterfully crafted by hand in Italy, our hard leather rifle cases are made to last a lifetime. The hard leather exterior protects both the case and its contents from harm. Multiple case layers inside the luxury leather case make up our double-case ABS technology, which we developed with inspiration from crash test bumpers to optimize the resistance to shock from sudden impacts. The soft interior finishing keeps your rifle from getting scratched and typically has ample room for accessories, whether you have a takedown single shot or double rifle, bolt action, or breakdown rifle. All of our cases come with a limited lifetime warranty.

We have a variety of TSA compliant hard leather rifle cases for sale, all with secure triple-lock systems to keep your firearm safe no matter where you bring it. Beyond complying with regulations, our luxury leather cases are a pleasure to travel with. Tight and streamlined design makes them lightweight and easier to fit with your luggage or in your vehicle.

Premium functionality and style make a leather rifle case kit from Negrini perfect for anyone who appreciates elegance and performance. Imbued with the flavor of the Old World, we finish each luxury leather case with quality leather and upholstering, and have a wide selection of colors, configurations, and trim materials to choose from. Don’t see what you need, or looking for something particularly special? Instead of placing an order online, contact us to inquire about customizing a hard leather rifle case. With our leather gun cases for lever action rifles, get the features you need with a style you’ll love.

Case Features

  • Best quality Italian leather
  • Patented ABS Construction
  • TSA Compliant locks
  • Airline approved for travel

Italy-manufactured Negrini is sure to satisfy even the most demanding firearms enthusiast. Whether you’re merely starting out or an old pro, our hard leather rifle cases will be everything you could wish for in premium-quality, Leather Rifle Cases. For over 38 years, we’ve committed ourselves to provide effective solutions for busy rifle owners like you who need a professional-looking case that is equally practical. If you want the same edge, we developed our patented ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) case technology, especially for you. Negrini hard leather rifle cases are precision-engineered with an industrial-strength double-wall ABS construction combining a heavy-duty thermoformed ABS outer case and an unyielding thermoformed inner case. As a result, rifle owners enjoy the best of both worlds: a luxury leather case that’s ultra-light for carrying yet rugged enough for constant use. Because our customers have long valued Negrini cases for their strength and versatility, we don’t compromise on any feature. All our cases are fully padded and lined throughout with the highest quality fabric, so you never need to worry they will outgas or corrode your prized firearm.  Since our cases are TSA Compliant, you can trust that we’ve made them travel-savvy too. You’ll find compartments inside dedicated for your stock and receiver, barrel and forend, and accessories that ensure bringing your rifle along is efficient and safe. Specially fitted steel combination locks and hinges add an extra layer of security critical to your peace of mind. Negrini rifle cases protect your firearms from the rigors of travel. They’re the ultimate traveling companions for on the move rifle owners of today. All you need is Negrini.