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With over 38 years of knowledge and experience, Negrini is the recognized source for beautifully designed and meticulously manufactured Airsoft Rifle Cases handcrafted for years of use. Are you the owner of a firearm from these top brands: Beretta, Benelli, Blaser, Browning, Perazzi, Caesar Guerini, Antonio Zoli, Sig Sauer, Sauer & Sons, or Walther, among many others? Negrini is essential to keep your prized firearm protected. Please don’t make a move without using our durable yet lightweight TSA Compliant travel airsoft rifle cases as your perfect companion, whether you’re at home, on the road, or a flight. Many satisfied customers recommend our cases for their brilliantly executed design and construction combining the best of both worlds: a hard-wearing Polypropylene exterior shell and a thermoform ABS inner tray. It’s hands down the best in class airsoft rifle cases you can buy today. Negrini continues our tradition of unmatched functionality and aesthetics that make our cases classics. Italy-made Negrini hard airsoft rifle cases can hold a single tactical rifle with dedicated compartments for your accessories and gear. Like many airsoft enthusiasts, we realize you worry about how to keep everything well organized, well protected, and easy to access. Negrini has the professional solution you’ve been looking for, including fully padded interiors, recessed push/pull latches, an integrated handle, and a fitted thermoformed compartment. Best of all, we use only the finest materials, so our cases won’t outgas or corrode your firearms. Heavy-duty steel combination locks complete Negrini’s premium gun case luggage with maximum security ready for any challenge. Rely on the leader. Rely on us.