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Are you the proud owner of a handgun from these iconic brands: Arsenal Firearms, Beretta, Benelli, Bettinsoli, Blaser, Browning, Caesar Guerini, FABARM, Perazzi, Sig Sauer, Silver Seitz, Syren, Tanfoglio, Turnbull MFG, Zoli Z-GUN, Holland & Holland, Krieghoff, Kolar Arms, Walther Arms, and more? Then you owe it to yourself to discover the most luxurious hard handgun cases available today. Negrini has been the ultimate luxury for handgun owners worldwide who insist on beautifully designed and meticulously constructed cases that are travel friendly as well. The Italian-made cases from our Mod.8 Series don’t disappoint. They’re TSA Compliant and use our exclusive ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) case technology. It features multi-layer architecture that gives you four cases in one, two outer and two inner cases sonically welded together. The results are reliable and robust travel handgun cases built for long service but remain lightweight (65% lighter than similar cases) for stress-free travel. For more than 38 years, Negrini has been the most trusted source for sophisticated, yet sporty cases that flawlessly combine form and function. Customers come to us for handgun cases that are as beautiful as practical with picture-perfect touches like 100% Italian leather trim and sumptuous fabric upholstered interiors. Our cases reflect our Old-world attention to detail, but they also pioneer cutting-edge amenities like a three-lock steel combination for maximum protection wherever you go. If you demand the finest things in life, then you and your high-grade firearms deserve the royal treatment that comes with owning Negrini luxury handgun cases. You’re worth it.