Pro Tips from Champions (Comparing Shooting Techniques)

Shooting Styles: David Radulovich vs Brad Kidd

With valuable insights and practical demonstrations, this video is a must-watch for anyone looking to improve their clay shooting skills. Join us on an exciting journey into the world of clay shooting as we meet two renowned champions, Brad Kidd and David Radulovich, at the South Florida Shooting Club. In this instructional video, we explore the techniques, strategies, and mindsets that have made Brad and David world-class champions in the sport.

First, they emphasize the importance of body mechanics and stance. Both champions stress the significance of maintaining a well-balanced body posture to stay in control of the gun during shooting. They recommend an even weight distribution on each foot and caution against leaning too much on the toes or heels. Instead, they advocate for whole-body rotation and balanced movement for a smooth and effortless shooting experience.

Gun mounting and posture are critical elements of accurate shooting. David demonstrates the ideal gun mounting position at a 45-degree angle off the ground, aligning the gun naturally with the cheek and shoulder. Brad, on the other hand, focuses on a feel-based approach, cutting off the bird and delivering the shot when it feels slow. Both champions stress the importance of keeping the eyes on the target, allowing the hands to follow the natural motion for precise shooting.

To showcase their techniques, Brad and David take on crossing targets. David carefully establishes his hold and look points, while Brad concentrates on cutting off the bird to deliver the shot at the slowest perceived moment. While their techniques have similarities in soft hands, balanced movement, and bird matching, they differ in lead time.

Addressing a common query about the role of hands in shooting, both champions emphasize that the body should do the work, with the hands serving as a link between the eyes and the gun. They caution against excessive hand movements and explain the significance of hand positioning under the gun for precision and control.

Throughout the video, viewers get valuable tips on how to achieve accuracy and consistency in clay shooting. Brad and David’s expertise and experience shine through as they break down complex concepts into easily understandable and applicable advice.

In conclusion, our goal is to offer free informative and engaging videos that offers a deep dive into the world of clay shooting. With Brad Kidd and David Radulovich as our expert guides, viewers gain valuable insights into body mechanics, stance, gun mounting, and hand positioning for precise shooting. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced shooter, this video is sure to help you elevate your clay shooting game and make your mark on the shooting range. Join us for this exciting adventure and discover the secrets to becoming a true champion in clay shooting!

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