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The Worlds Best Quality Luxury Italian Cases
SIG SAUER® Luxury Handgun Cases lineup

Torture Testing the
SIG Sauer Professional Series Case

Pro-Staffer Eydin Hansen takes the Sig Sauer Professional Series Case to the Outback of Texas Hill Country. With very impressive results, the Negrini SIG Sauer handgun case stands up to everything he throws at it. If you want the best protection for your SIG choose Negrini!

How to Set the Locks

All Negrini handgun cases including the SIG Sauer Professional Series cases are equipped with two steel combination locks. Each lock on our SIG Sauer handgun and pistol cases has 3 combination tumblers for maximum security. Watch this video on how to set your case locks. 

SIG SAUER® Professional Series Handgun Cases

Officially licensed SIG SAUER® cases from the Negrini Custom Shop. Famous for their brilliant Italian design and engineering, Negrini teamed-up with the engineers at SIG SAUER to create the ultimate case for their pistols. The high-grade cases are the result of intense study by Negrini and SIG SAUER. Designed and manufactured by Negrini specifically to secure SIG SAUER P320, 226, 229, 220 and M17 handguns in world-class professional cases. 

All of our SIG Sauer handgun and pistol cases are handmade by Negrini of Italy. Each case is manufactured from state-of-the-art two-layer composite and hand upholstered in the best materials. 100% MADE IN ITALY with TSA compliant steel security locks.


  • Fits all SIG Sauer P320, P226, P229, P220, and M17 pistols
  • Luxury velvet interior
  • Best Italian leather trim and handle
  • Double-wall ABS composite technology
  • Two integrated TSA Compliant steel combination locks
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty



SIG SAUER® Luxury Handgun Cases - 2018SLXX/5996 - locks & trim
SIG SAUER® Luxury Handgun Cases - profile case lock

SIG Sauer Professional Series Case features

Two additional magazine storage

ROMEO1 Reflex Sight Compatible

SIG SAUER® Luxury Handgun Cases - hand stitched interior callout

Hand stitched interior and trim

There’s no more perfect complement to Sig Sauer's elite family of firearms than officially licensed Sig Sauer cases from Negrini. In designing our professional-grade Sig Sauer gun cases, Negrini Custom Shop worked closely with the top engineers at the world-renowned manufacturer for many military, law enforcement, and commercial users’ weapon of choice. Our strategy was to use Negrini’s more than 38 years as an equally celebrated designer and manufacturer of luxury handgun cases, which we brought to create the ultimate case Sig Sauer gun owners deserve. If you’re the proud owner of SIG Sauer P320, P226, P229, P220, or M17 pistols, the good news is our Sig Sauer gun cases surpass all expectations with their precision design, flawless build, and eye-pleasing looks. Best of all, we made each TSA Compliant case with your optimum efficiency and productivity in mind, especially if you’re on the go. You’ll find Italy-Made Negrini’s patented ABS double-wall composite technology at the heart of our design. It’s why our Sig Sauer handgun cases are ultra-light for carrying yet durable enough to endure the rigors of air travel. 

Negrini cuts no corners and uses the highest quality Italian leather with white hand-stitched trim on your case’s exterior and handle. We also use a padded white hand-stitched luxury velvet interior with configurable compartments to keep your prized Sig Sauer firearms safe. For maximum security, we added two steel combination locks for twice the protection. An exclusive SIG Sauer Leather Patch on all our Sig Sauer handgun cases completes Negrini’s premier offering for owners with impeccable taste. Treat yourself to the world-class standard of luxury today.