The Best AR-15 Rifle Cases

Negrini 1607R-TAC/4880 AR-15 Tactical Rifle Case - close up of AR-15 interior

Today you can spend well over $2,500 on a custom AR-15 or under $750 on a no-frills AR-15 that still works perfectly fine.

Regardless of how much you spend on the gun, you still need to protect it. Are you just going to toss it in the back seat and drive to the range? That’s a sure way to attract unwanted attention.

Negrini has two types of AR-15 gun cases: ABS hard-sided travel cases and economy polypropylene cases, and they both have advantages and disadvantages.

We’ll cover the pros and cons of Negrini AR-15 gun case offerings.

Negrini 1607R-TAC/4880 AR-15 Tactical Rifle Case - takedown AR-15
The best AR-15 travel case
Negrini Die-cut Rifle Case - 1640C-ISY interior front
The best AR-15 economy case
ModelNegrini 1607R-TAC/4880Negrini 1640C-ISY
MaterialABS Composite, double wall travel casePolypropylene Injection Molded case
Interior TypeHigh quality rubber foam interior, die-cut insertAshalar foam top and good quality die-cut insert
DimensionsL38” x H10.6” x D3.5”46-1/4″L x 13-1/4″W x 5-1/2″D
Locks3x combination locks4x hinge latches, combination lock upgrade available.
FeaturesDouble-wall ABS construction, TSA Compliant for air travelGood quality for car, club and home security.
PriceStarting at $349Starting at $189