Sleek, Elegant, and TSA Approved!

Negrini’s 1911-specific case is a winner in no uncertain terms.

If you are anything like me, you take the subject of gun cases very seriously. Now, having said that, a good travel case performs two important functions in my mind. One, the case must protect your guns (this is the obvious and quantifiable role), and two, and equally as important at least to me, it provides you with a level of comfort and peace of mind – this function can only be measured individually and internally.
This 1911-specific case by Negrini fits the 1911 like a glove, and offers great protection for your firearm in transit.
This 1911-specific case by Negrini fits the 1911 like a glove, and offers great protection for your
firearm in transit.
So, when I heard about this new case by Negrini made specifically for the sacred of sacred handguns, the 1911, I jumped at the opportunity to get my mitts on one. When the box arrived with the guy in the brown truck, I was excited like a child on Christmas morning and couldn’t wait to open the package. It did not disappoint. The Model 1911 “Wood Handgun Case” (2018SLX/WOOD) features an attractive wood finish and internal compartments for the pistol and two single-stack magazines. There is also room for other odds and ends, and the interior is well padded and covered in velvet, but the packaging is compact and well thought out. It also features two steel combination locks and beautiful Italian leather trim both internally and on the exterior of the case. Made from Negrini’s patented double wall ABS plastic, the case is not only tough, but sleek, elegant, and TSA approved. Internally it is all set up for a full-sized 1911 (but will accept a Commander sized or compact 1911), which was perfect as I had just taken delivery of a new Colt Delta Elite the week before. It just doesn’t get better! Another feature I really found not only useful, but attractive was the compact size of the case. It is small enough not to draw attention and small enough to slip into a larger bag when moving your luggage. As a handgun hunter, I go to great lengths to safely transport my firearms. I, like you, have a lot riding on my guns arriving to their destination intact. Judging by the condition my cases sometimes arrive, I often wonder if the neglect and outright mistreatment of the case and the resulting external damage is deliberate. Seriously, my other bags arrive unscathed yet my gun case has scratches, dings and other damage that defies logic. This is where that second function comes into play, knowing that even if the airline employs King Kong to handle the baggage, your guns will arrive unscathed.
Negrini Cases are Sleek, stylish and strong.
Sleek, stylish and strong.
Negrini is perhaps the best kept secret in the gun case world, and in my mind it should be one of the most recognizable as these cases provide not only unparalleled protection for your cherished firearms, but they do so without the bulk of some of the better known cases of Negrini’s competitors. I would encourage you to turn to Negrini for your gun case needs. You too won’t be disappointed.