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A Breakthrough in Case Technology

Chris Dorsey Grouse

In 1959, Xerox revolutionized the copier, forever transforming the document-copying industry. In 2007 Apple turned the telephone into a personal computer and communications device that changed the way we do business and connect with one another. In 1981, IBM condensed what rooms full of supercomputers did into a desk-top processor. Forty years ago, Negrini redefined […]

Gun Protection

Negrini ABS Technology

Like Minds Paul Cook looks at INTELCASE and Negrini, Published in the Clay Shooting USA May/June 2019 issue. We’ve all seen it and known exactly what we were looking at. Three or more people huddled around a trunk or tailgate in the parking lot at the range. It can only mean one thing; somebody’s got […]

Handgun Hunting: How to Prep for African Dangerous Game

by Max Prasac – Friday, March 22, 2019 Read the full Article here from the NRA American Hunter Another important decision to make when traveling long distances with firearms is gun case choice. On my last international hunt, I used a case by Negrini. It was thin, but not frail, with plenty of space that got my […]

Negrini: Creating a Best Case Scenario

BY DOUG PAINTER, Sporting Classics It was the great American architect Louis Sullivan who, in 1896, first articulated the principle that “form follows function.” Over the decades, designers from both near and far have knelt at this altar and, within the parameters of their work, have given due homage to this aesthetic credo. I have long believed that […]

My Experience with Negrini Cases

Marty Fischer, NSCA Level III Shooting Instructor, Professional Wingshooter and Host of the If It Flies… TV series on the Pursuit Channel

by Marty Fischer, NSCA Level III Shooting Instructor, Professional Wingshooter and Host of the If It Flies… TV series on the Pursuit Channel. For more than four decades I have traveled throughout the U.S. and around the world to the best of the best of the best wingshooting locations. I travel extensively by truck, rental […]

GLOCK Protection Redefined by Negrini Case

Negrini GLOCK Case review by Max Prasac

Negrini’s Glock-specific case. By Max Prasac You rely on your Glock to protect and defend you and your family. You clean it, you practice with it, you carry it, but do you protect it? This is an important tool that in no uncertain terms needs to be reliable, and to do so it needs to be kept safe in transit. Your Glock delivers reliable […]

Pheasants Forever Product Review: Negrini Uplander Shotgun Case

*Negrini gun cases will be featured at banquets throughout the weekend as part of National Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic. Tickets may still be purchased for both weekend banquets at www.PheasantFest.Org. In total transparency, I’m an upland bird hunter who is very rough with my hunting gear. Not to say that I don’t take care of it, […]

Hard Gun Cases for Hunters who Travel

By Richard P. Smith Just like other hunters who travel, I want to make sure my cased guns make it onboard airline flights with no hassles and reach their destination in the same condition as when they were put in the case. I also want to make sure my guns are secure and can’t be removed from the […]

Mike Bleech: Enhance your hunting experience with new stuff

1619 Negrini Hard Rifle Case for air travel

By Mike Bleech Contributing writer Posted Nov 6, 2016, at 2:01 AM It is that time again, time to get out to the sporting goods stores and buy just the guns and gadgets you might need to make your hunting experience even better. With an eye on Erie County and the surrounding region, following are some things you […]