A Breakthrough in Case Technology

Chris Dorsey Grouse

In 1959, Xerox revolutionized the copier, forever transforming the document-copying industry. In 2007 Apple turned the telephone into a personal computer and communications device that changed the way we do business and connect with one another. In 1981, IBM condensed what rooms full of supercomputers did into a desk-top processor. Forty years ago, Negrini redefined best-in-class when it comes to traveling and protecting firearms.

Thanks to technology borrowed from the auto industry, Negrini has been able to construct a super-lightweight case that is both compact and more durable than any other case on the market—including the heavy metal cases of years past. Just watch how the case is made and the torture testing they put them through, and you can see why the best shooters—competition and otherwise—only trust their firearms to Negrini.

And those are the reasons I trust my rifles, shotguns, and handguns to Negrini—no matter where I venture.

— Chris Dorsey, Host, Sporting Classics TV

Torture Test of the Negrini Uplander
Proudly Made 100% in Italy by Negrini